Do you always have creative ideas to share with your friends and family?

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About Alicia Long

Believer. Passionate Entrepreneur, blogger behind Living in the bubble of happiness and helping people achieve success one blog at a time!

Born and raised in China, graduated from The Ohio State University. With my marketing degree, I ran my own direct marketing company for 5 years, but I realized that my life shouldln’t be built on 80-hour work weeks. There’s gotta be a way to automate everything and earn a passive income. That’s when I started to explore online business. I wanted to combine my passion with my work ethic and create a PROFITABLE business.

With the help of technology and lots of coffee and learning, I was able to automate everything and build a successful online business by working 4 hours a day, earning a full-time income and was able to finally quit my 9-5 corporate job! I am now helping thousands of handmade business owners to achieve the same financial success.

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